PawzUp is a bold project that vows to make a difference. So, it comes to no surprise that our objectives are numerous and, admittedly, pretty grand.

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To list off our main pursuits, PawzUp will work on:

rescuing animals from the street life, from neglect or abuse;

caring for wounded animals and providing physical and mental rehabilitation to animals in need;

finding forever homes for cats and dogs;

covering the costs of veterinary interventions;

creating a safe space where animals and humans can interact and enjoy the company of one another;

educating the young generation and teaching them how to be responsible pet owners in the future;

encouraging people to experience the positive mental and spiritual benefits of spending time with animals;

offering jobs, training, and volunteering opportunities;

providing permanent shelters for abandoned horses, donkeys, and small farm animals;

providing access and encouraging people to work with animals, learn about their needs, behavior, and how to properly care for them;

promoting and cultivating important values such as compassion, selflessness, determination, wellbeing, and love for one another and the world we live in;

giving the senior community a purpose and a reason to smileby offering them a chance to help animals and spend time with healthy, well-behaved animals;