The PawzUp Center will contain eight buildings, and these are marked on the plan in the order they will be built.

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The first building is the shelter dogs, made of five indoor units, each with outdoor spaces plus common playing grounds. It will be the first cage-free shelter in Romania, with generous spaces where the dogs can live together. It will include some purpose-built rehabilitation kennels for less friendly dogs.

This first stage plan will spread over 1400 sq m and accommodate up to 240 dogs. Recently, we were advised of plans to build a road straight through our current shelter! Four of our 12 paddocks (a third of our current capacity) must be demolished, so we need to relocate the dogs urgently.

We feel totally disappointed by how the Romanian authorities react to our hard efforts to help the animals in our community, but we must stay positive and consider this a perfect opportunity to give these dogs the chance to move into a new home and enjoy improved conditions.

List of PawzUp buildings with estimated costs

based on the prices for building materials as per august 2022

Phase Name of the building Estimated cost USD
(if not specified differently)
Estimated deadline to be completed Observations
Pre-building Concept schematic design 12500 Done Paid
Pre-building Design development phases
39000 In progress…
Pre-building Construction development
40000 In progress…
Pre-building Other costs
0 Fencing the new land 45000 October 2022 In progress…
1 Shelter dogs
Technical building
1500000 March 2023
2 Adoption center dogs
Volunteers hub
600000 June 2023
3 Shelter for donkeys and horses plus outdoors 380000 October 2023
4 Quarantine and Infectious diseases units
Aqua park dogs
1300000 June 2024
5 Adoption center cats
Veterinary clinic
550000 October 2024
6 Shelter dogs (additional) 400000 June 2025
7 Shelter cats (additional) 250000 October 2025
Total raised135000
Total cost5250000

Note: The estimations listed above include building costs for materials, man power, utilities. It doesn’t include the costs for indoor accessories like partitions, equipment of any kind to make these buildings functional.