Administration building, adoption & therapy center, volunteers hub

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Services provided

Training classes

Educational events

Socializing as a visitor with dogs/cats

Adopting a dog/cat

Interacting with farm animals


Paid job opportunities

Total surface: 334 sq m

Zone explained: partitions, size, access

The colors blue, green and red indicate the access zone for visitors , volunteers and staff

Conference room 52 sq m

Administration 119 sq m
Meeting room

Volunteers hub 103 sq m
1 x Kitchen
3 x Bedrooms
3 x Bathrooms

Technical room 60 sq m

Others 3000 sq m
Water reserve tanks x 6
Solar panels park

Name the waiting room in the veterinary assistance area (1 available)

Zone 1

Name pre-surgery room (1 available)

Zone 1

Name a treatment room (5 available)

Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5

Name post-surgery room for cats (1 available)

Zone 1

Name post-surgery room for dogs (1 available)

Zone 1

Name the volunteers hub (1 available)

Zone 1