Phases to build PawzUp

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IconPhase I (in red)

● Infrastructure
● Technical room (hydrophore, thermal power stations)
● Water tanks
● Warehouse for equipment and tools
● Recycling zone
● Waste disposal composting area
● Wastewater treatment plant
● Dog shelter (3 modules from 5)
● Running areas and outdoor spaces for dogs
● Park

IconPhase II (in blue)

● Sanctuary for horses and donkeys
● Outdoor spaces for horses 2
● Outdoor area for donkeys
● Administration building, adoption & therapy center, volunteers hub
● Parking area

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Centre Image

IconPhase III (in yellow)

● Veterinary building
● One of the 2 areas for quarantine new animals
● Area for treatment infectious diseases
● Shelter for cats
● Extension dog shelter

IconPhase IV (in purple)

● The remained 2 modules of dog shelter
● The second quarantine area for new animals
● Underground organic greenhouse

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