Dear [name],

Thank you for donating to help ROLDA build our PawzUp Center!

We have been planning to build the PawzUp Center for years, and now that we are finally getting closer to the moment when construction will begin.

The entire ROLDA Team and I are honored to have your support on this. We need to build this center on a strong, solid foundation where safe spaces will become forever homes for all kinds of different animals (small ones like dogs and cats, or large animals like donkeys and horses).

But the PawzUp Center also needs a sturdy emotional foundation forged by the belief and compassion of everyone working together to make this dream a reality.

So, thank you, [name], for believing in our dream.
But more importantly, thank you for choosing to build a better future for animals in need.

With respect and hope,
Dana Costin
ROLDA Founder