Dear [name],

Thank you for donating to help ROLDA build our PawzUp Center!

Your support says that you understand that we are not only trying to build a center; we are building a better future for animals and strengthening the bond between animals and humans.

Since your donation to this project is more than $99, your name will appear on our PawzUp web page in a virtual brick that makes up our Virtual Wall — a visual guide of the progress our donors are helping us make toward building this center.

Our Virtual Wall will display the number of bricks for each phase of construction (Phase 1 – Foundation; Phase 2 – Walls; Phase 3 – windows and Doors) and will be removed when this fundraiser ends.

The ROLDA Team would like to further show its gratitude by awarding you a Certificate of Recognition which we have attached to this email.

Thank you for believing in our dream, but more importantly, thank you for helping animals in need.

With respect and hope,
Dana and entire ROLDA team